What our customers are saying…


“Valerie, I just wanted to get you a quick note to let you know how well the cupping technique has been working for me. As you know, I’ve had a sports related injury concerning my right shoulder for years as the result of my weight training (rotator cuff). The pain has always been consistent varying from one level to another for years (between low to medium high). Since the very first treatment, I have noticed an immediate relief of pain. Although the pain did gradually come back between my first and second treatments, it never came back to the same degree (I would say at most it was “low” pain). Since my second treatment, I can say that there are days that it seems like I have never had the injury while at most; the pain is so marginal it’s almost none existent. In addition, the technique seems to have restored both mobility and flexibility to my shoulder. I plan to continue treatment as part of my personal ongoing “maintenance” regime and look forward to seeing if we can eradicate the symptoms altogether. Thanks again! ”

-Todd, Vice President, Cataclean Americas


 “I have been dealing with intestinal problems for the last 2 years.  Valerie has been using cupping therapy to help with my problem.  It has given me a lot of relief.  I really look forward to my monthly cupping appointments with Valerie. ”

-Ann, Williamsville, NY


 “I have been running competitively for 22 years, and am now into my mid-60s. Throughout my adult life, I have done about an hour of exercise almost everyday. I believe that my longevity in my sport and my ability to train daily have a great deal to do with the fact that  I have always taken advantage of the opportunity to find a skilled massage therapist and go for massages frequently, from 2 to 4 times a month. Massage has helped me avoid the effects of the severe arthritis that has afflicted most of the people in my family, and it has enabled me to heal more quickly and completely when I have been injured as a consequence of strains and sprains. In my own experience, massage lives up to its promises: it is excellent for circulation and by increasing circulation, it increases healing.  In my own experience, too, massage has been of great significance in countering the effects of stress, which takes a great physical and psychological toll on many people at present.  The feeling of well-being that massage induces is the one of the best antidotes for stress that I know. Long ago I ceased thinking of massage as a luxury. I regard it at present as the equivalent of a healthy diet, adequate rest, and frequent exercise.”

-David Gerber, Amherst, NY