Cupping Therapy

Female Receiving Acupuncture Cupping Treatment

Originally used as Chinese Medicine, cupping has proven positive results and has made its way into western culture. With the use of a cup-like device on a hand held pump, the therapist is able to apply and adjust the pressure according to each individual need. Cupping creates a suction on the surface of the skin to pull inflammation or toxins that are held deep within the joint or muscle tissue. The area is then worked according to direction of lymphatic flow; to remove stagnation and allow fresh oxygenated blood to heal the area. This treatment is used for a variety of ailments. Including sinusitis, bronchial issues, poor digestion & fat storage, sports injuries, arthritis, pain, fluid retention and aids in prevention of auto-immune issues.

Valerie Millard, LMT ~ Pricing Per Consult ~ Available as an Add-On Service to Massage